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Varnamtown: An Aging Life E-Book

Varnamtown: An Aging Life E-Book

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Varnamtown The Book

The culmination of the 3-year project the book contains all of the images from the Varnamtown: An Aging Life series.  This includes all 20 acrylic paintings as well as the watercolors that were done on site in the town. Publication of this book has been a part of the project from it's inception.  It enables readers to see all the of the images as well as read stories and anecdotes from the townspeople and the artist.   The Varnamtown project mission, to preserve on canvas, for future generations, the visual history of this way of life is embodied in the book.  

Through this project, the artist is highlighting the men and women in the little fishing towns of North Carolina who have made their living from the sea for centuries. Varnamtown is one of these small dying fishing communities along the eastern coast of North Carolina. Unfortunately, this way of life is rapidly disappearing and an important chapter in our history will soon be lost with little visual record of its existence.

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The book has been a great success with a lot of people sharing with me what the project as well what Varnamtown means to them.

"Received my book today.  Love it. Thank you so much for taking on this project.  Makes me proud to know that I come from decent hard-working people, which I already knew. My mama was a Varnam "honey,(Garland)" was her brother. My siblings and I spent so much time at the "landing". Great memories. Mama would be so proud. You did Varnamtown justice. Would love to be at your next showing.
Again, thank you"

Dora Lewis