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Varnamtown #12 and the winter update

2015 was a busy year for the studio. I was part of several small shows over the fall including the Wooden Boat Show in Southport as well as the studio open house for the holidays. I made several more trips to Varnamtown, took tons of photos, met and talked with folks about the state of shrimping on the North Carolina coast and began preparing for finishing up this project.

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Varnamtown News #10

July Heat  This summer has been a busy one and it is not quit half over.  I was able to spend 3 days in Varnamtown in June and will be on my way again next week.  While there High Rider was in to unload shrimp from the waters of South Carolina. People were there waiting […]

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Varnamtown News #9

Lockwood Folly Mist It was a cool October morning and fall was in the air and the mist had not yet burned off the mash. Jim White was Captain and I mate for a day of photos on the water in and around Varnamtown.  That trip has spawned several painting for the Varnamtown project including “High […]

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Varnamtown 8

SO MUCH GOING ON It has been a crazy 3 weeks and I apologize for the break in the news letter.  I spent 4 days in Varnamtown painting and talking to new friends about the future of Varnamtown.  Things are changing and there is some debate as to whether they will be beneficial or harmful […]

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