Varnamtown News #10

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July Heat

This summer has been a busy one and it is not quit half over.  I was able to spend 3 days in Varnamtown in June and will be on my way again next week.  While there High Rider was in to unload shrimp from the waters of South Carolina.
People were there waiting to get the shrimp as they were unloading!!  News travels fast when the shrimp you get were in the water the day before.  Unless you shrimp yourself you can’t much fresher than that. :)

Carson Varnam Oyster Market

The painting I am working on now is the view from the road.   This is the building at the Carson Varnam Oyster market where all the oysters are brought to be washed and loaded into bags.  If you catch it right you can buy them there as the being washed fresh out of the water or from a local fish house or restaurant.  You can see their Facebook page here:

 Oyster Market

Honey’s is next

During the last trip I was at the landing at sunrise to catch the dawn over Garland seafood.  I was hoping one of thoes  dramatic mornings but these things are out of our control.  Fortunately it was perfect and I have the material I need for the next painting!! Here a few of my photos from that morning.


One of the thing I am doing on these trips is to paint the watercolors for the project.  I thought I would share a few of the fruits of the last trip.

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