Varnamtown 7

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As the week starts there are a few things to share.

FishmongersWe are finally hanging in Fishmonger’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar at Brightleaf Square in Durham.  There are 4 of the pieces there now.  The plan is to have the whole series hang there as they are completed.  So every week I will add more to the walls.  Gary Bass, the owner is a great guy and a great help in getting out the word about the project.

I will be in Varnamtown this Friday, May 15 – 17 painting at the landing.  I am look forward to the serenity I always experiance when spending a day near the water, and to seeing new friends I have made in and around Varnamtown.

Preparations for shrimping

Preparation for the shrimping season will be well underway.  Boat owners are putting on coats of paint, mending nets (actually an ongoing process); making sure all ready for shrimping.  They usually head to South Carolina waters as the shrimp mature there first.  These tend to be long trips and they will be on the water for extended periods of time.  The life of a fisherman is not an easy one.

At the same time the fish houses are also getting ready to process and sell.  They will generally open the end of May.  Anytime your house of business is on the water there is a constant battle with the upkeep of a building.  That being said they have been getting ready to open by replacing damaged wood, machinery, docks and more things then I could count.

60 years for Honeys 

At one time the greeting when walking in Garlands seafood was “Hey how ya doing Honey” The name all the locals knew for Garlands Seafood was “Honeys”  This year they celebrates 60 years.  Congratulations!!!!  There will be a commemorative painting in the series for them. 

Garland Seafood   

Update “Lockwood Folly Mist”

It was a good day today. I have finally been able to get some work done on my new painting “Lockwood Folly Mist”  The approach for this one is a little different.  I usually lay in shades and shadows as I go along.  I wanted to establish the overall tonal balance of this piece right off the bat and work everything else around that.  I am really trying to create depth with a limited palate.  We will see if it works.  Here it is as of 5/11/2015 :) 

NYFA ( New York Foundation for the Arts)

Now that the Rocket Hub is complete all donations to the project go through my project page at NYFA

Here is the link that you can share and see the project.

If you are in or around Varnamtown this weekend let me know and we can have coffee somewhere :)  Have a GREAT week!


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