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On the road at Varnamtown

I just returned from 3 day of painting and meeting with some really great people in Varnamtown.  The weather for the most part was good.  I did however, get rained out on Saturday.

I met a great guy and Varnamtown artist, Bryan Varnam.  Born and raised in Varnamtown and doing some really great paintings of the area.  You can see his work at his web site.  Wonderful stories and more insight into Varnamtown history!!!!

I also had a long talk with Jackie Varnam one of the owners of Garlands seafood that is at the landing in Varnamtown.  Jackie is also the Board Chair for Brunswick Catch. We talked about the town, some of the challenges they face and some of the changes that are coming in the near future.  It made me realize just how timely this project is.  Changes ARE coming and now is the time to really get to work safeguarding the memories.

Brunswick Catch

This is an organization that works for the fisherman on our coast; this benefits all the people of North Carolina.

Brunswick Catch"In order to promote and highlight the Brunswick County seafood industry, a dedicated group of commercial fishermen, seafood dealers and restaurant owners developed a local seafood recognition program called Brunswick Catch.”

We are down to 14 days left in the Rocket Hub fund raiser.!!!

I am starting to feel like a NPR fundraiser!!!!!  There are 14 days left in our Rocket Hub fund raiser for the funding of the Varnamtown: An Aging Life. We are at 28% of our goal so still a good ways to go. Remember this
IS a TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution that is truly helping to save the memories of a vanishing culture as well as sharing the importance of learning of our connections to coast.

No donation is too Small- donate today!!!!

Jim White

I want to say thanks to great friend who without his help I could not get my photos on the water.  Jim White has been my driver, companion and supporter on the water.  He and his boat has helped me to get many of my water images including the image for “High Rider (coming home)”


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