"912 N Mangum"

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912 North MangumI inspected this house back in 2009. You could tell that at one time it was a stately reminder of grace and beauty that was a joy to behold. At the time of the inspection the problems in and under the house were daunting. I assumed it would fall in on itself from neglect. In April of 2010 I was called to inspect the same house again but this time the buyer had a spark in her eyes when she looked at this elegant lady. She had vision! As I left the inspection that day (it still had the same problems) I looked up at the top of the columns and saw (in my mind) a bit of the former grandeur of this beauty. This painting represents my feeling of that morning. The house, by the way, is even now being totally restored.

This is one of the reasons I love Durham!!!

“912 N Mangum” 
Acrylic on Board
24 x 30

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